How do we work for you?

Even if we have existing properties, we value independence when looking for your dream property on the Costa Blanca.

We support you on site!

We research, visit, evaluate and analyze!

We advise you until the right property is found!

- needs assessment
- Offer research
- Object preselection
- Preliminary visits with photos and videos
- Contact with owner or agent
- Visit of the interior also online
- Evaluation according to a checklist with the most important points
- Object proposal based on analysis result and, if necessary, object video

We are happy to provide legal advice, insurance/financing and tax issues,
do not offer them in their own team for legal reasons.
How much does it cost her?

We value our independence and our moderate consulting fees. After all, buying a house in Spain should be a pleasure.

Would you like more information, advice or a free offer?
Phone and Whatsapp

Spain: +34 682 726 655
Germany: +49 176 188 588 10

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